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Thursday, August 19

TJ's How Do I Love Thee?

There are many reasons I have loved Trader Joe's. Firstly, I grew up in Pasadena, and lived very close to the original Trader Joe's, and I shopped there up into my 30s. Secondly, you cannot argue with their prices. They purposely buy large quantities of their products to keep their costs low. I mean, you can't scoff at 3 buck Chuck (now 4 I believe)! There is also a wide variety of affordable food, such as Fresh, Frozen, Packaged, Bottled, Bagged etc. And it seems to be of a certain quality that I don't see in regular grocery stores. Maybe it's because they have earth toned packaging, they don't use lots of bright reds and blues (which I associate with food coloring). The list of ingredients on the packaging is relatively short...meaning you can read all the ingredients without going cross-eyed.

So, for me, it's a sentimental thing. And it's a better food quality thing. Price comes in last for me, because I'm paying premium for similar products at my local PigglyWiggly.*

Then there is the fact that I love to be different. I don't want to shop the huge warehouse stores or the local chain grocery. It's boring. It's expensive. It's boring. (Did I say that?).

TJ's has my name all over it...hopefully this Saturday or next I will make my pilgrimage to that heavenly food place...don't forget to comment here if you need something. Make sure and leave your email address so I can reply. I don't charge for this service at this time. Chow Baby!

*P.S. We don't have Piggly Wiggly here, but you wouldn't recognize the name Price Cutter would you?

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