This blog will soon be featuring recipes using Trader Joe's ingredients, including Gluten Free and non-sugar. Keep checking back!

Thursday, August 11

Yay for Babysitters

Last weekend my babysitter called me and said she was shopping at Trader Joe's and what did I want her to get for me? Was that awesome or what!!!?
I gave her a brief list because I'm planning a road trip in a week or two to stock up on staples. We're going to Kansas City to a party so will check out the new locations. My next trip after that will be around Christmas time to St. Louis.
I'll add my shopping list very soon so you can see what the best staples are for your pantry.

P.S. I love you Trader Joe!

Friday, July 15

Hot Dogs!!!! Mean it's summer time!

If you take a look at the ingredients listed will blow your mind. Have you ever read the ingredients on traditional processed hotdogs...don't do it or you'll never eat them again. I did read and that's why we've switched to non-cured weiners. Plus we try to stay away from MSG, nitrites, nitrates, and meat "product".
TJ's dogs are amazing and taste pretty much the same as Oscar Meyer, but maybe less salty. I give these dogs 5 Stars!!!  I usually buy 3-4 packs and freeze them, they thaw quickly in the microwave or under hot water and they're great grilled or pan seared.
I just read the ingredients again and I can't believe they can taste so great without additives!
Wake up HOT DOG MANUFACTURERS and start making it right!

Tuesday, May 3

Cannot believe that Kansas City is getting two TJs and Dallas is getting one too...what are we? Chopped Liver! Just have to keep driving six hours to get the goods, that's all.

Luckily, every time I take a trip back home I bring an extra suit case and fill it with stash...tea, jam, cookies, rice pasta, raw organic almonds etc. I really miss being able to run over there to grab a few things for dinner. Especially the yummy salads. Not that the St. Louis ones have the freshest produce...ha ha.

Making a list for our family trip to the zoo in a few weeks.  Yahoo!
If you need something, leave me a comment here and I'll email you back.

Wednesday, February 23

Sunday, November 21

Christmas Shopping at TJs

We have a family trip planned for December! Yay! Luckily, we might be able to spend the night at a family member's place and possibly get to have some fun! I have quite a list of things I'd like to get, but because of tightening strings on the old money bags, I may have to keep it down to

Irish Breakfast Tea
Pumpkin Butter, maybe Cranberry Butter too
Christmasy Peppermint Tea
Rice Pasta
Parmesan Cheese
Almond Butter
A few bottle of Wine
Creme Fraiche
Everything Crackers

What's on Your List?

Thursday, August 19

TJ's How Do I Love Thee?

There are many reasons I have loved Trader Joe's. Firstly, I grew up in Pasadena, and lived very close to the original Trader Joe's, and I shopped there up into my 30s. Secondly, you cannot argue with their prices. They purposely buy large quantities of their products to keep their costs low. I mean, you can't scoff at 3 buck Chuck (now 4 I believe)! There is also a wide variety of affordable food, such as Fresh, Frozen, Packaged, Bottled, Bagged etc. And it seems to be of a certain quality that I don't see in regular grocery stores. Maybe it's because they have earth toned packaging, they don't use lots of bright reds and blues (which I associate with food coloring). The list of ingredients on the packaging is relatively short...meaning you can read all the ingredients without going cross-eyed.

So, for me, it's a sentimental thing. And it's a better food quality thing. Price comes in last for me, because I'm paying premium for similar products at my local PigglyWiggly.*

Then there is the fact that I love to be different. I don't want to shop the huge warehouse stores or the local chain grocery. It's boring. It's expensive. It's boring. (Did I say that?).

TJ's has my name all over it...hopefully this Saturday or next I will make my pilgrimage to that heavenly food place...don't forget to comment here if you need something. Make sure and leave your email address so I can reply. I don't charge for this service at this time. Chow Baby!

*P.S. We don't have Piggly Wiggly here, but you wouldn't recognize the name Price Cutter would you?

Saturday, August 7

Irish Breakfast

Joe's O's are BETTER than Cheerios! Really!

I've been out of Irish Breakfast for almost four weeks. It's been horrible. I ordered some tea from Special Teas, which has been nice, but not fabulous. My lovely daughter just arrived from L.A. and brought me four boxes. Bless her! She also brought cashews with which I am going to top my famous Springfield-style cashew chicken (and use the green onions growing in my garden).
In other food news, I just purchased some raw whole milk. I'm going to make my first batch of clotted cream. I don't know how much it will make. But one of those tiny jars is $6 at the store.

I miss you TJ's!!! (I'm hoping I will be taking a trip of some sort back to L.A. to see friends and go to all the places I miss in a month or two.)