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Saturday, August 7

Irish Breakfast

Joe's O's are BETTER than Cheerios! Really!

I've been out of Irish Breakfast for almost four weeks. It's been horrible. I ordered some tea from Special Teas, which has been nice, but not fabulous. My lovely daughter just arrived from L.A. and brought me four boxes. Bless her! She also brought cashews with which I am going to top my famous Springfield-style cashew chicken (and use the green onions growing in my garden).
In other food news, I just purchased some raw whole milk. I'm going to make my first batch of clotted cream. I don't know how much it will make. But one of those tiny jars is $6 at the store.

I miss you TJ's!!! (I'm hoping I will be taking a trip of some sort back to L.A. to see friends and go to all the places I miss in a month or two.)

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