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Friday, July 15

Hot Dogs!!!! Mean it's summer time!

If you take a look at the ingredients listed will blow your mind. Have you ever read the ingredients on traditional processed hotdogs...don't do it or you'll never eat them again. I did read and that's why we've switched to non-cured weiners. Plus we try to stay away from MSG, nitrites, nitrates, and meat "product".
TJ's dogs are amazing and taste pretty much the same as Oscar Meyer, but maybe less salty. I give these dogs 5 Stars!!!  I usually buy 3-4 packs and freeze them, they thaw quickly in the microwave or under hot water and they're great grilled or pan seared.
I just read the ingredients again and I can't believe they can taste so great without additives!
Wake up HOT DOG MANUFACTURERS and start making it right!

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  1. btw celery juice powder = nitrates


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